"Detection before disease"

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Presympto is focused on creating in vitro diagnostic and imaging tests for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. Though increasingly prevalent, Alzheimer’s disease is currently a “diagnosis of exclusion” as disease progression rules out other potential causes. Our goal is to use Presympto’s unique technology, which detects the sequence and the conformation of amyloid proteins, to create sensitive and specific detection methods that allow early stage diagnosis and disease progression monitoring. All of Presympto’s peptide formulations have been generated internally, leveraging the company’s peptide chemistry and our understanding of protein misfolding to create Pronucleon™ diagnostic probes.

The Aβ Cascade

Recognition molecules used in currently available diagnostic assays for amyloid proteins (e.g. antibodies, aptamers) are not sensitive to protein conformational state.  The Presympto platform is developed to be sensitive to  conformational states.

                                                 PronucleonTM Assay is Specific to Aβ Conformational State


  • PronucleonTM Assay detects synthetic β-sheet rich aggregates, not monomer
  • ELISA detects free monomer but not synthetic aggregates