"Detection before disease"

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RBC tests with AD & Normal samples

In 2013-2014 we performed the RBC flow cytometry assay on 10 human AD clinical samples provided by Georgetown and Johns Hopkins University AD clinics and compared them with healthy controls. The results from this test were presented at the 2018 Alzheimers' Association International Conference in Chicago.  Our abstract, A Novel Blood Test for Presymptomatic Detection of Alzheimer's Disease, can be found in the Alzheimers's & Dementia Journal, July 2018 Volume 14, Issue 7 Supplement, Page P778.

Using spectroscopic techniques to establish specific detection of Aβ oligomers with our peptides we measured the binding capacity index (BCI) of RBC using the following assay:

  • Diluted whole blood incubated with or without our proprietary stabilized Aβ oligomer.
  • Pronucleon™ peptide incubated with the blood samples followed by flow cytometric analysis.

We then compared the RBC fluorescence intensity of each sample, one with and one without the stabilized Aβ oligomer. 

Blood testing by flow cytometry

Our results:

Pronucleon™ peptides displayed specificity and sensitivity to Aβ oligomers; peptides showed preferential binding to AD RBC as compared to normal; our RBC flow cytometry assay exhibited differentiation between healthy and AD samples.

Testing parameters healthy samples compared to AD: Replication & Performer

Testing parameters healthy samples compared to AD: Replication & Performer