"Detection before disease"

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Our work to date

Our technology, Pronucleon™ peptides, involves custom-synthesized peptides that mimic the misfolding region of proteins such as Aβ. Pronucleon™ peptides provide a unique readout when associated with -rich fibers and our proprietary stabilized Aβ oligomer (AβO).  Together, our proprietary technologies Pronucleon™ peptides and AβO and can be used for pre-plaque imaging.  Our  assay leverages the latest flow cytometry technology to measure the binding capacity index (BCI) of blood cells from AD, Mild Cognitive Impaired (MCI), and Normal whole blood samples.

We have  results from blood cell flow cytometry tests, ophthalmic tests, and transgenic murine brain studies.  Each test has provided positive results in which our PronucleonTM peptide displayed specificity and sensitivity to AB oligomers; preferential binding to AD blood cells as compared to normal; and the red blood flow cytometry assay exhibited differential between healthy and AD samples.

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