"Detection before disease"

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About Us

Presympto is an early stage company focused on the development of a simple, accurate and cost-effective blood-based diagnostic that will create the ability to test asymptomatic people for Alzheimer’s disease.

Presympto has acquired all of the intellectual property assets from Adlyfe, its predecessor company that utilized novel and proprietary peptide technology to develop solutions for early detection of protein misfolding diseases. Presympto plans to continue a robust, diversified approach toward the development of molecular biomarkers, in particular for Alzheimer’s Disease, to present viable opportunities for the development of novel assays with commercial potential. The company’s mission is to continue to advance its technology, providing hope for those suffering from neurodegenerative disease.


Richard Cliff, Presympto CEO and President at the 2018 AAIC in Chicago, IL. 


"The scientific community and the FDA believe it is critical to identify and study patients with very early Alzheimer's disease before there is too much irreversible injury to the brain.  It is in this population that most researchers believe new drugs have the best chance of providing meaningful benefit to patients" -- Russell Katz, MD, Director of the Division of Neurology Products in the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research