"Detection before disease"

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Presympto has a strong intellectual property position including a core technology patent that describes a method for detecting misfolded proteinaceous particles comprised of predominantly beta‐sheet secondary structure. Some of the patents in our portfolio include:

  • Misfolded protein sensor method in body fluids: US 7,166,471
  • Misfolded protein sensor method: US 8,062,895
  • Method of detecting misfolded proteins and prions: US 8,372,593
  • Peptide probes for diagnostics and therapeutics: US 8,673,579
  • Stabilized amyloid-beta oligomers and uses thereof: US 9,556,247
  • Conformationally dynamic peptide probes: US 9,696,316
  • Ocular detection of amyloid proteins: US 9,795,692
  • Methods for detecting amyloid-beta oligomers US 10,139,419

Pronucleon™ is a Presympto platform technology using custom-synthesized peptides that allow signal amplification to detect and map the surface of rare proteins. Unlike our platform, recognition molecules used in currently available diagnostic assays for amyloid proteins (e.g. antibodies, aptamers) are not particularly sensitive to protein conformational state. We have created peptides specific for detection of oligomer and fibrillar forms of Aβ. Using unique technology that detects the sequence and the conformation of amyloid proteins, our goal is to create sensitive and specific detection methods that allow early stage diagnosis and disease progression monitoring.